Ways to insulate wooden windows: Window insulation according to Swedish technology

There are a large number of ways to warm wooden windows. To carry out this process, a variety of, and sometimes even completely unexpected materials are used. Quite often the farm uses improvised means: paper, tape, fabric. However, there is a more professional approach. So, for example, one of the fairly popular methods is “Window Windows according to Swedish Technology”. The technology received this name thanks to the special material that is made in Sweden – this is a tubular seal of silicone rubber. The service life of such a sealant is on average from 15 to 20 years, in addition, he is not at all afraid of painting. The very process of this insulation is the following. The worker carefully drinks a special groove in a wooden window frame, which will subsequently serve to insert the seal into it. Then the actual seal is taken and put into the groove made.

So how to independently insulate windows according to Swedish technology? So, the entire technological process should be divided into separate stages. They will look as follows:

– dismantling of window sash;

– selection on the output contour in order to install the seal;

– attachment of the wings (if necessary);

– installation of the seal;

– applying special silicone sealant to eliminate glass clearance.

First you need to carefully check the window for the presence of old and rotten elements. The lower components of the boxes and the sashes T are checked. To. It is there that the whole condensate is going. The loops and the entire surface of the window structure are also checked for all kinds of flaws and gaps.

Dismantling the wings is performed quite simply. To do this, you just just need to remove the window sashes from the loops. Depending on what quality the loops will be, a hammer may become suitable.

Having removed the wings, the time comes for the most responsible task – this is a sample of the groove for the future insulation. To make it, it is necessary to use a special cutter. In order to avoid further difficult cleaning after the sample, you need to transfer your own workplace to the site. When choosing the diameter of the pipe insulation used, it is necessary to take into account the value of the eliminated gap.

After the sample of the groove, the sample is adjusted, swollen wood, which prevents smooth closing of the window, is thoroughly removed and a sealant is inserted into the groove.

And now the process can be considered almost completed. At the final stage, it is necessary to seal the fit of each glass to the window frame with the help of a sealant, put the sash in its place and adjust the fittings.

It is worth noting that the insulation of windows according to Swedish technology is very high quality with its correct implementation. The insulation itself is able to withstand large temperature fluctuations from -50 to 80 ° C, which is an important factor in our climate.