How to choose a good anti -radar right. Which anti -player to choose

In the fight against violations, as well as in attempts to at least slightly reduce the likelihood of fines, car owners acquire the so -called anti -radars. They are designed to inform the driver about nearby surveillance cameras, radars. The true anti -radar is capable of interference in such devices, as a result of which the traffic police does not fix violations. Radar detectors are more common. They are only called to warn the driver so that he will slow down.

According to the law, it is prohibited to use active state radio frequencies. Therefore, it is impossible to choose the right anti -radar with the possibility of deception of technology, it will still fall under a few articles: an attempt to avoid punishment, an attempt to introduce a traffic police officer into an error and the use of frequencies.

But detectors are not officially prohibited. To choose a good anti -player detector, you need to correlate your money with the functionality of available devices on the market. The company also plays an important role. Many serious companies produce special Russian options. Therefore, you can quickly understand which anti -player to choose.

Based on the general trends, we can distinguish the presence of the necessary functions or requirements for the detector to the anti -radar. The range of waves taken greatly affects the choice. For the Russian region, the range to and x is important. If the detector sees these two ranges, you can safely drive our roads. Among the non -power characteristics, the determined distance predominates. The higher it is, the faster the driver will be able to react.

But equipping such a functionality would not be complete. Many budget models cannot detect pulsed signals, as a result, his driver receives his fine for excess. If the anti-radar detector is equipped with appropriate markings Instant-on, Ultra-X, Ultra-K, then even the most cunning radars and cameras will be noticed by this device. And the detectors with POP generally cope with this. These are the so -called modes.

But the presence of all these functions does not mean their reliability. Anti -player Detector can have poor efficiency, take signals as false and vice versa to panic in vain. Only famous brands boast of high efficiency, the rest sin in inaccuracies.

Laser radars are more complicated in terms of definitions. To determine them, only very expensive devices are needed. Otherwise, the driver will learn about him only when he passes. There are few of them on Russia’s routes. It is difficult to fix them in a direct way, but radar detectors do this with the help of other waves reflected from other vehicles. This function works separately from the main receiver.

If the budget allows, it is better to purchase a GPS device. It will definitely not be mistaken. All cameras are shown on the map, taken from the satellite. Moreover, the satellite is able to determine even the most cunning cameras that are not fixed by anti -radars detectors.

Only by studying the necessary functions and having learned why they are needed, you can understand how to choose an anti -radar.