Preparation of the floor for laying linoleum

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Before you start laying linoleum, you must take care of preparing the base. Since this coating is soft and plastic, the irregularities of the floor will appear on it. The base that is under linoleum should be strong and even. You can achieve this with the consistent implementation of the recommendations of specialists. Inexpensive apartment renovation involves the use of such material as linoleum. This is a high -quality and environmentally friendly material that can be used in different rooms, since it is not afraid of moisture.

First, carefully clean the base from all garbage and thoroughly sprinkle the room. There should not be traces of paint, bitumen and what can lead to weakening the adhesion of the solution with its base should not have traces of paint. Using a laser level, you can decide on the highest point in the room by which it is necessary to note the horizon on the walls. Along the wall, it is necessary to fix the beacons and stretch threads along them in accordance with the height of the screed. With a reinforced concrete base, a screed that has a thickness of a few cm.

You need to prepare the solution using the finished sand-cement mixture according to the instructions indicated on the packaging. It is best to use the finished mixture for this, due to the difficulties in mixing cement and sand in the necessary proportion. With their non -compliance, the strength of the screed may decrease. Next, you must apply a primer to the base and then fill the solution. This must be performed by sections, when aligning the surface using a wooden rail or pipe. You need to accordingly calculate and prepare the solution for one section, so it must be used for a certain time, otherwise it is already unsuitable for work.

After you finish the performance of work, you need to give time to completely dry the screed, this will take about two weeks. After it dries, you can make laying on the floor of linoleum. To obtain a perfectly flat surface, use the leveling mixture, before which you perform a primer with a dry sand and cement screed. The mixture must be diluted according to the instructions and pour it on the base.

Go through the mixture using a needle roller so that there are no air bubbles on it, and then you will get an almost perfect surface. If the area of ​​the room has a large area of ​​the floor filling must be carried out sequentially in areas that adjoin each other. The floor, which is self-leveling, dries for about 3-7 days, which is determined by a thickness that can be at least 5 mm.