Which wallpaper is better to choose

Depending on the type of materials used in the creation of wallpaper, they can serve either a longer period or less. So you can distinguish wallpaper from paper, vinyl wallpaper, velor, glass wallpaper and wallpaper made of metallized elements. Each type has both its advantages and disadvantages. Consider in more detail each type.

Let’s start with paper wallpaper. Simeplex wallpaper can be distinguished, which are made on single -layer paper and, accordingly, have a short service life and price. Suitable for temporary decoration of premises – not the best choice. Two -layer wallpapers have a longer service life, the technology of their production is complex in that the pattern is printed at once on two layers of wallpaper, thereby making the finished pattern as a result. In appearance, very beautiful options come across, can be used in any type of room. The last type of paper wallpaper is a Duplex wallpaper, which consists of two words of thick paper, however, unlike a two -layer Simplex, only one layer with a pattern, and therefore, if the inner layer is damaged when gluing, the probability of losing a drawing is very small.

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Vinyl wallpapers are an expensive option, there is no special colorful mass in appearance, but they are much more durable than paper options. They can be easily and without fear of washing and vacuumed. It is best to choose such wallpapers for children’s rooms, since moisture does not linger in vinyl wallpaper. They are glued like other types of wallpaper, and the difference is only in the outer layer.

According to the manufacturing methodology, vinyl wallpaper can be divided into three types. The first view is the wallpaper made of foamed vinyl, which are thick and most often very bright wallpapers. The second option is a flat -type vinyl wallpaper, in fact it is a paper substrate with a layer of vinyl chemically applied on it. A pattern is applied at the end of the vinyl at the end of the processing. The last type is dense vinyl wallpaper. In the manufacture of them, vinillized sheets of paper are used.