How to choose the right metal -plastic windows

Metal -plastic windows: Learning to choose the right

In order to install high -quality metal -plastic windows, you need to understand at least a little in their design. Such knowledge will protect you from all sorts of problems that are associated with the cheap and low-quality window constructions of one-day firms. In addition, owning the main information, you will know what to pay attention to when choosing windows.

Type of profile

The profile of a plastic window can be both imported and domestic. Naturally, many consumers prefer imported. Often the window profile is made from recyclables to reduce the cost. Such a profile is much cheaper, though such a “cheapness” is not in the best way affects the quality of the window. So always clarify with the seller of what the profile is made.

Ask to show the profile cut. The reinforcing window profile is made of galvanized steel, and the thickness should be at least 1.5 mm. This design easily withstands dynamic loads (for example, a strong gust of wind), which the window is often exposed during operation. Galvanized steel is not exposed to corrosion, which is also important. For example, the profile of ferrous metal begins to rust over time, forming water -driving holes in the plastic window.

The number of air chambers

The most ideal option is a metal -plastic window with the presence of more than three air chambers. By the way, they should be located not only in the window frame, but also in the sash itself.

Double -glazed window

The most important element in the design of any window is the double -glazed window. If in the region of your winter living is very cold, then choose metal -plastic windows with the number of air chambers at least two. From fierce frosts, single -chamber double -glazed windows will not save! Double -glazed windows, the thickness of which is more than 32 mm is best.

A little about the glass brand. M1 polished – good domestic glass of the Borsky factory. Of course, you can choose another glass of glass, for example, the English manufacturer Pinkelton. But it is worth noting that you will not notice any special differences as glasses, but the cost differs several times. There are other brands of glasses, but they have the worst indicators, and can give certain distortions or not withstand dynamic loads.

Heat -reflective coating

Modern technologies allow you to reduce the heat loss of metal -plastic windows to zero. Basically, such an effect is achieved through the use of a special heat -reflecting film. By the way, applying such a film is an additional service, so think about whether you need it.


The best fittings are considered to be German. And this is not a myth, these are years of trouble -free and reliable work!

Installation of a metal -plastic window

The installation of the window is not included. In addition, in some companies, the system of calculating this work itself is seriously complicated. For example, the cost of installing a metal-plastic window can be about 10-20% of the cost of the window itself. However, many companies in this cost do not include such types of work as delivery and dismantling the old window. All this is issued by a separate account.

Product examples

Any self -respecting company engaged in the production and installation of metal -plastic windows should have a valid window layout and sections of window profiles. After all, this is the only way the client can determine the quality of the window.


This condition is mandatory not only when installing metal -plastic windows, but also during their production.

Observing all of the above points, you can choose a high -quality window that will last for many years.