How to cover the roof with ondulin, brief leadership

Slate, like roofing material, is less and less used for work. Onedulin, who is safer and more reliable, comes to his shift. Slate often cracks, can harm a person’s health, so he leaves everyday life. Here are many people today ask how to cover the roof with ondulin. This roofing material is made of bitumen, mineral additives, cerealons. As a result, he receives light and simple ondulin. Long service life, high level of waterproofing, strength make it simply indispensable. If after small thinks, it is still decided to use ondulin, then the following should be performed.

Installation can be performed on any building and even over the old roof. Buying Ondulin, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the manufacturer himself. Laying technology directly depends on the angle of the roof. It may also be necessary to perform a solid crate from boards or plywood before starting work or a sparse. The boards are nailed to the rafters, and then the ondulin is attached. Installation work should be done carefully. The laying itself is recommended to be performed from the edges of the roof itself and so gradually move upward.

Of course, there will be quite a lot of nuances of doing work. Therefore, if there are doubts about making the installation of the roof on your own, you should contact the specialists. The process of work itself will not take much time. It will be easy to work with Ondulin, because one sheet weighs about 6 kg. The resulting design in the future will serve for many years. If you are interested in the full management of the installation, then it is worth getting it, either from the manufacturer, or just ask specialists. Ondulin is the material that really protect the roof of the building, so do not ignore it.