Only today and now I will tell you about the film warm floor, read and study as carefully as possible

At the moment, such a warm floor is the thinnest in the world. Its lifting height is only three or four tenths of millimeters. And this, in turn, means only that it can be placed directly under the laminate. Everyone knows that laying the laminate is carried out on a special substrate, which creates a special heat barrier. And just this very substrate and directly with the floor covering, our film warm floor is laid with you. It will also not be superfluous to find out the details on the site about concrete.

With all this, the base of the floor does not heat up, but the floor covering is heated. What we achieved, actually say. It is worth noting that the heating of the floor occurs in a few minutes and not a second, but a moment. As you could notice, this film floor has many advantages, so it has recently become quite popular with the material used. I, in turn, advocate the use of this convenient film warm floor, since its effectiveness and convenience of control are visible to the naked eye.