How to make repairs for yourself

Repair is a very difficult and painstaking business. Only those that have personal experience and money are decided on it. What are the design materials for design? And why, first of all, you need to start?

First you need to make an estimate. Then conclude agreements with professionals of your business.

Always the peak of the necessary repair and construction work falls on July-August. The best time to repair is May. For very old apartments, this is the dismantling of walls and partitions, removing the flooring.

Another dusty work is the replacement of windows and window sills. Further – this is the laying of the electrical wiring. To ensure the necessary electrical safety and reliability, it is laid inside the metal pipe in the walls.

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All places of location of the necessary sockets and switches must be thought out in advance. A telephone cable and a television cable are laid for one.

All painting work must start after laying the entire electrical wiring.

All work in the kitchen always begins in parallel with painting work. The wiring in the bathroom should always have grounding. Next, the tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom are laid.

The next stage is the floor screed. It must be performed by different material – from ordinary masonry to self -leveling floors. The plus of ordinary masonry is very cheap, minus – it is very poorly smooth and dries for a long time. The self -leveling floor is much more expensive, but the liquid solution of this mixture gives the necessary even and horizontal surface.

After all the work done, doors are installed.

The completion of the coverage of the entire floor completely depends only on the required coating. In many cases, the screed is completely covered with bitumen, and then closed with plywood.

In the rooms where the parquet, ordinary wallpapers are glued. Then carry out the necessary installation of the entire necessary flooring.