How to warm a balcony or loggia

There is a huge selection of options for glazing loggia or balcony. One of the most popular, there is a cold glazing window from aluminum profiles. If you are not trying to make another room out of the balcony, then aluminum glazing is the ratio of quality and price. The structure looks like an aluminum frame with single glasses with a thickness of at least five millimeters. The sash make sliding, which makes it possible to save balcony area. If you want your loggia to be constantly warm in any weather, then you need to take care of more warm glazing, which will greatly increase the price for the material and work.

When performing work on decoration or insulation, as you know, the most diverse insulation materials are used – from one hundred millimeter mats made of mineral wool (both soft and strict) to foaming polystyrene, and high -quality heater from modern materials, the thickness of their layer is significantly smaller. After insulation of the balcony, we advise you to buy Timo showers in Moscow. Sandwich panels are also used. Usually, in order to truly insulate the loggia, there are few high -quality window profiles. It must also be remembered that the heat also goes through the fence of the balcony and the wall, in addition, its heat sources, as a rule, is usually not there. Therefore, you need to ensure thermal insulation on the outside of the loggia in order to get rid of moisture accumulation and, as a result of it, corrosion.

This difficulty is solved by installing on the casting frame outside. In order to achieve an effective result when warming and glazing the balcony, it is necessary to make its skin with wooden strips or plastic panels. Here it must be emphasized that wood sheathing has the ability to deform and dry out under the influence of the environment and direct rays of the sun over time. This will never happen with plastic panels.