Construction brackets for beams

Construction brackets for beams are used to work out the structure, in our cases of roof rafters. Staples of metal bellied corners of plus and deposits with pointing. The staples are different, in terms of the length and width of the bends (ends). Factory, or manufactured by blacksmith. Also read: laying laying.

In the photo example, we use brackets of 350mm dimensions, bending width 50mm, 350x50mm (the dimensions are different) and a diameter of 0.6cm, strengthening the beams of the rafters for a sulfur simple roof. I will note that you do not need to use large diameter brackets, because they can stab beams! Designed in this case to strengthen the joints of the skate, jumper, as well as the junction of the rafters to the beams of the ceiling (bastard). The principle of operation is held for stretching and bending, folding structures. The brackets are clogged with a hammer driving around the ends alternately to avoid deformation of the bracket. It is important to follow the angle as shown in the photo. The compounds are darkened with nails, and stipes are strengthened after.

Such construction brackets are used in various designs, we examined the fasteners of the brackets on the roof rafters, but the principle of their work remains the same.

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