how to make them residential premises

Between the balcony and the loggia, the owners of apartments quite often do not understand the fundamental difference. But it exists. The balcony is an element of the dwelling, as protruding beyond. The loggia acts as an inseparable element of not only an apartment, but also at home as a whole, since it does not stand beyond its boundaries.

But regardless of whether the balcony or loggia is in a particular case, nevertheless, the purpose of this room is about the same. Usually there are things that the owners are not required at the moment. But you can make the balcony or loggia will act as a rest room, personal account or even gym. By the way, I Insel – Kiev is very popular now. UA. She offers a large selection of power tools in Kyiv for repair.

Only in order to achieve such an effect will first have to be carried out by a number of difficult operations. First of all, this element of the apartment must be glazed. Windows should be plastic or aluminum. Only then will the rooms become well protected from external influences.

At the second stage, insulation is carried out. In order not to reduce the useful area of ​​the balcony significantly, you should use thin insulation thin – polystyrene foam or polystyrene. Then it remains only to make the finish. It all depends on the desire of the owner himself.