How to deal with wood problems

The characteristics of wood make it possible to use it in the process of many repair and construction work. But at the same time, the use of material of this type is also connected and taking into account its negative properties. Only with the correct elimination of them, it is possible to get rid of many problems that can manifest itself.

One of the main difficulties of this material is that it can deteriorate as a result of contact with water. From excess moisture in wood, mold begins to develop. Of course, the most effective way to solve such a problem is to maintain dry microclimate. But this is not always possible. At leisure it will not be superfluous to buy a shimmer.

Therefore, it is better to protect in advance from such complexity, using special protective substances for this. Antiseptics will protect wood best from decay. They are applied before painting will be performed. There are special impregnations, which include antiseptics.

Also, wood must be protected from fire. For this, another type of impregnation is used – antipyre. If the owner wants to simplify the task as much as possible, he can turn to the use of substances that combine the properties of antiseptics, anti -pirenes and paints. But such substances are not cheap.