The rights of each tenant when renting commercial real estate

A large number of modern companies can use their real estate exclusively on the right of lease. As a rule, existing relations that develop directly between the tenant and the lessor, including all their obligations with rights, must be determined only by the prisoners mutually mutually in writing. The contract itself can be considered concluded only from the moment when the two parties will fully reach all the essential conditions provided for by the current legislation.

It is also worth noting that the contract that is concluded for the rental of real estate property for a period of three years or more must necessarily be subject to notarization. The contract must indicate the terms of the lease, rental fees, taking into account its indexation, restoration of the leased property, its purchase or return to the true owner, and so on. As for the main duties of the lessor himself, it is considered to be the fact of the transfer of property for direct use to the tenant. At the moment when an act of acceptance of commercial property will be signed, in which all parties mutually recorded the state of property, as well as the complete absence of various kinds of claims from the tenant to commercial property, the lessor, thus, fulfills his obligation.

As for direct responsibilities from the tenant, the situation may be folded in a slightly different way. For example, the tenant himself is simply obliged to carry out regularly and established by the current agreement payment of the rent, and this fact does not depend on the results of its conducted business. The tenant, in turn, has such the right to reduce the established amount of rent solely if some circumstances have changed, which personally do not depend on him personally. For example, this includes a deterioration in the state of the lease object.

This and current agreement only establishes the amount of the corresponding rent, which is discussed by both parties. In addition, such contracts for renting commercial real estate may also be found, according to which the lessor unilaterally may increase the amount of payment.