Buying an apartment in St. Petersburg – a situation with new buildings

Many people visit St. Petersburg every year with different purposes. Someone wants to find work here, someone is to visit sights, many come here to hold various business meetings. All these people, of course, need to live somewhere. If this is a short -term one -day trip or business trip, then you can use the hotel, if people arrived in St. Petersburg for a long time or even forever, then you can not do without renting an apartment or its acquisition.

Many agencies in the market are engaged in real estate transactions of St. Petersburg, sale, purchase, as well as renting. There are builders engaged in the construction of residential complexes and the sale of apartments in them. During this time, thanks to competent and operational work, most of them have earned an image of reliable and dynamically developing companies.

There are many new houses in the city today – for every taste and in any area of ​​the city. For those who want to become a full resident of the city – the purchase of an apartment in a new building is an excellent opportunity to fulfill their dream. And the old -timers of the city by buying real estate in new houses can very successfully improve housing conditions.

Having bought an apartment in St. Petersburg, investors can get a good income from the financial funds invested in this. Especially in the case when it is a real estate in a new building. While your apartment is being built – it costs relatively inexpensively, but as soon as the house is completed, the cost of the apartments in it is jumped several times.

To invest in apartments or other real estate means protecting your finances and after some time start getting a good income from this contribution. Real estate investments are always a profitable process: both during the crisis and so far it is not.

As for customers who do not have funds for one -time payment of the apartment in their hands, when buying it, there is another way to purchase housing in property. This method is to take a mortgage loan at the bank. Moreover, the mortgage is now given in almost any bank and interest on it is low. And when buying from the developer, you can agree on fairly favorable terms of buying an apartment by installments. Moreover, for many developers, it is interest -free until the end of the construction of the house. Thus, by the end of construction, you can have time to pay the full cost of your new apartment.