Why is it needed to clean boilers from scale?


During the operation of heating boilers on the walls of metal tubes, a boiler and the entire heating system, a scale is formed, which destructively affects them. Let’s decide on what is scale. It appears as a result of the use of hard water, which contains salt and magnesium. When water dries, they remain on the walls of the metal, gather here and accumulate. Over time, scale is becoming more and more, which can lead to breakdown of the boiler, the formation of rust and corrosion on the pipes and metal parts of the boiler, the thermal conductivity of the pipes is also reduced. All this negatively affects the heating system, so it is necessary to systematically clean the boilers.

Currently, boiler cleaning is most often carried out using various chemicals that are designed to deal with this problem. Do not independently clean the heating equipment, as this is a complex, responsible and important work that should be trusted exclusively to professionals. Also, the formation of scale can be prevented using pre -purified water. This method is more expensive, especially if the object uses a large amount of water.

The frequency of cleaning the boiler depends on the intensity of its use and the degree of water hardness. So, the more often the boiler is used and, the tougher the water, the more often you have to clean the boilers. It is worth noting that the legislation regulates the maximum thickness of the scale layer, which cannot be exceeded. It is 0.5 mm. If the thickness of the scale has reached this craft, then it is urgent to clean the heating equipment. If this is not done, then the entire heating system can fail, and financial losses and losses simply cannot be counted. Therefore, it is better to systematically clean the boiler to prevent the appearance of such problems.

Who to entrust the cleaning of the boiler?

It is best to entrust this task to professionals who specialize exclusively in cleaning gas and diesel boilers, flushing them, maintenance of boiler equipment, heating networks and automation. The fact is that they are well versed in this matter, as they are engaged exclusively with the maintenance of boiler equipment. Extensive work experience and high qualifications allow them to clean the boilers not only high -quality, but also as quickly as possible.