Install a water meter is easy

Our life is quite simplified, because we have become available to us devices that make life more comfortable. But since these devices can fail, we need to learn how to eliminate these problems and problems. It should be borne in mind that utility services have become expensive recently, and in particular water. And to control this process, our apartment needs a water meter. The installation of the counter is a very relevant operation.

Before starting work, you need a divorce key. Be sure to block the riser, otherwise you will flood the neighbors. Take the instructions and look at the instructions, some counters have different features.

Not every counter is suitable for hot water, and not everyone can be installed on a pipe with high pressure. Read the instructions carefully and proceed already to work. It is necessary to find the valve of the main riser, the water here is supplied to the whole house or apartment. We block it and disassemble it. For long work, you need to install mesh filters.

The main thing is not to confuse meters for hot and cold water. Now the most difficult. Need to legalize your counter. You must allow you to take into account water consumption according to your counter. The representative of the housing office will check the correctness of the installation, and seal the counter. Such a maneuver is made so that the owner of the counter can not twist the indicators.