Advantages of houses from sandwich panels

Finishing and repair

The experience of using sandwich panels for the construction of houses over a large number of years was able to show that with the help of their unique characteristics of the structure they will be able to achieve a high technical and operational characteristics. For example, building a house from sandwich panels means that it will have high strength and resistance to various mechanical loads, as well as atmospheric phenomenon. The panels are able to withstand these elements, that is, a strong squaller wind or an earthquake of 9 points.

The construction work process using sandwich panels using special assembly technologies can please the owner. For example, the procedure for assembling a house with an area of ​​up to 100 m2 can take almost a month, which is much faster than the process of erecting a house made of wood, because it can be built at least 2 months. In this case, the sandwich panels do not involve the operation of heavy lifting equipment. And there is no attachment to the seasons. I work with such material not only in the heat, but also in the cold.

In order to assemble a residential building from such panels, you can resort to the help of a brigade, including 3-4 people. The only requirement is a high level of professionalism and the availability of experience in building these structures. For the duration, as well as the price of construction work at home from the panels, it may be affected by the fact that with the help of small weight it is enough to apply an inexpensive and quick installation of a finely polluted foundation, that is, with tape or screw piles.

The “box” of the house can be built in just 7 days, and another time is required to finish the structure. You can immediately settle in this house when construction work is completed, because it will not be necessary to additionally insulate the walls and level them, and also expect when the structure is swayed. A great advantage during construction is the possibility of making changes to the engineering network and communication without any problems. Such designs have remarkable sound insulation of the walls. They also have a high -strength box.