Parquet care – update the flooring

Parquet, as a floor covering, is becoming increasingly popular.

Despite the fact that pleasure is not cheap, when repairing floors in an apartment, it is used by more and more people. This is largely due to the fact that parquet is a material that is made of natural wood.

It should be noted the fact that with proper care, such a flooring will last you at least 15 years.

On which the state of the parquet will be in a few years will not only depend on proper care, but also on how high -quality the floor was made.

At the final stage of work, the parquet is subjected to four processing methods. This is a cyclist, grinding, varnish and gyn.

Parquet care: update tips

First way:

After the floor is laid, it must be quicked, then grinding follows and the first layer of varnish is applied.

Varnish processing allows you to save the parquet in its original form for 5 years.

If after the deadline there is a need to re -apply, then this will eliminate some defects that may occur during operation.

It is necessary to ensure that the varnish coating does not rub to the base. During the operation of the parquet floor, moisture, dust, garbage penetrate the gaps.

The second method:

As a result, the varnish coating can collapse and get black. In this case, in order to restore the ideal state of the floor, it is necessary to carry out a cycle of parquet.

Which is better to choose a parquet is to decide

If you flooded the parquet by negligence, then it must be well dried and if there is a need to make local repairs.

Currently, parquet can be purchased both with and without processing. If you have a desire to finish on your own, then in this case it is better to purchase an unexplored parquet.

By purchasing parquet with factory processing, you also have the opportunity to perform additional processing.