Do you need roof heating. Heating systems

Given the harsh Russian winters today, thanks to modern construction technologies, it became possible to use roofing heating systems.

The roofing heating system protects the roof and the entire structure of the house from damage, which can occur in the winter due to severe cold wind, snowiness and severe frosts.

Electric infrared heaters gain great popularity. These systems have two types that are different with a variety of cable.

Resistant cable. This type is an isolated metal core with a constant resistance, which has the power and heating temperature. The heating process occurs as a result of connecting the cable to the electric network similarly to the principle of a closed circuit.

This system has an affordable cost, which is its advantage, and the disadvantages include high electricity consumption.

Self -regulating cable. This cable includes a matrix, isolation, shell and braid, where the matrix is ​​the basis, the intensity of the resistance of which can change. The air temperature affects the intensity of the resistance, so, at low air temperature, the cable begins to heat up more and vice versa and vice versa. The heating system using a self -regulating cable does not consume a large amount of energy, is the simplicity of installation and, attractive, its overheating is impossible.