Construction of brick cottages.

A suburban cottage made of noble brick with an original external design – this is an indisputable indicator of your status. Such a house can afford only a real owner who knows the price of solid construction. A brick cottage by a Zagorod is a real estate that in the future will be able to be inherited and become a real house of your family. And how many varied options for the design of the facade of the building and interior decoration can be implemented by building brick cottages, it is impossible to count.

A suburban cottage is a really noble way to express your individuality, emphasize your sense of style and at the same time get an elite place to relax, erected among picturesque natural landscapes away from the noisy bustle of the city.

Stroy 60 company is ready to implement all your dreams of suburban real estate in life. The construction of brick cottages is a matter of long years of our professional activity. And in this area, our masters (designers, engineers, builders) are very successful. The team is well performed by any work on the design and construction of brick cottages, including adjustment of engineering networks: water supply, heating, ventilation, sewage.