Lock stone masonry under the bay

Laut masonry – is carried out in rows, large stones are laid out at the corners, wall intersection zones. Laut masonry is of two types – under curled under the shoulder blade.

1. Laut masonry for the bay – with such masonry, it is not necessary to use only even stones (bed stone), with such masonry, torn and cobblestone stones are usually used. Stones are poured with solution, when filling in the gap, between the stones, crushed gravel. But is poured only with a plastic solution in which mobility is 10-14 cm. When laying a stone of underground/ground buildings with basements, use the formwork.

2. Laut masonry under the shoulder blade is carried out strictly in measured height and only as a bed stone. They are laid on a solution in a straight line (horizontally) is called “laying a chain”. After laying the stones, the space between them is filled with a solution of SChs expanded on the front surface.

3. Wall masonry when laying walls you need to take into account the slope/wind, use – anglometer. And even when laying stone from gas-concrete/foam concrete-it should be laid so that the next row of stones is laid with dressing (on the seams before the leading masonry).