Screw foundation

A screw foundation is used in cases where the developer plans to build a house whose walls will be made of wood or expanded clay-concrete. It is suitable just for those cases when the construction is a slight design, by the way, a gazebo or greenhouse is also suitable for a screw foundation. Its use is economically beneficial – saving money and time. What is the spiral foundation? From screw piles and its accompanying structures. Pile has the form of a galvanized pipe, at the end of which a screw is installed. These piles are easily placed in the ground with a regular drill. The screw foundation is going in just a couple of days, and if you take someone to assistants, you can deal with it in the day.

How to work with piles? All the piles need to be strictly vertically installed on the entire marking of the foundation of the building. Before that, check if any cable goes in the ground under piles. Then the piles are cut at the desired level, heads are installed on them, and then the whole design is tied with a cord or metal corner. By the way, you can use wooden bars for this. Another type of pile is made in the form of a cone using forging. A galvanized spiral is fixed on the pile case. After installation, these piles do not need to be cut, which simplifies the matter somewhat. Screw piles are good in that they can be used a lot of times – the service life of such a foundation is up to 200 years.