cabinets compartment to order in Minsk

The modern wardrobe of the compartment is a functional and practical design, which consists of a facade and internal filling. Filling furniture is a housing that manufacturers most often make from chipboard. According to the standards of European countries, its thickness should not be less than 16 mm. In addition to boxes and shelves in the closet, there is another fittings, for example, metal nets for shoes or linen, girbum, gosslfabiki, folding hangers for shoulders, etc. In any city you can buy a wardrobe for a compartment, Minsk is no exception. Today, most often people buy cabinets of coupe on order in Minsk from manufacturers who guarantee the quality of their products and offer furniture at an affordable price. You can familiarize yourself with the services of one of them on the site where you will also find a lot of other interesting information about the wardrobe compartment.

When planning to buy a wardrobe for custom, you need to decide on its dimensions, materials used in production, as well as design. Remember that you can install a bar for shoulders only if the wardrobe depth is less than 60 cm. If its depth is smaller, then the production of tremors are used in its manufacture. But if you still decide to install a shoulder bar in a cabinet with a depth of less than 60 cm, you run the risk of wiping the sleeves of things about sliding doors daily.

The facade part of the cabinet is sliding doors – a frame from the profile. In it you can install various glasses and mirrors, chipboard for the color of the case. In most cases, the design of the frame manufacturers are made of steel and aluminum. The system and doors made of aluminum have a longer service life, which provide quiet sliding along the rails. Each door of such a cabinet has 4 sets of wheels, which allow you to easily and without unnecessary effort to move the doors along the rails. The sliding system has both the lower and upper. In the lower system, the load from the doors is on the clip made of plastic with a bearing, and in the upper wheel they are used as guides.

Inside the cabinet of the coupe can be trimmed with various materials. Much will depend on the design of the furniture. The wardrobe of the compartment most often consists of chipping shelves, so it is cheap. In the cabinet for things there are boxes, pantographs, metal nets that increase the cost of the model. You can design such a cabinet yourself, or using a designer. This procedure in furniture salons is often free. However, if you drew your model of the cabinet of the coupe, then you should consult with a specialist who will make your own adjustments to the model.