Making and sale of concrete as a business

Today, such material as concrete is in demand in industrial and small household construction. Demand for it is distinguished by enviable constancy throughout the year. Producers have celebrated seasonal sales increase from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn. Concrete production is a profitable business that can bring high constant income. Those who have some savings and understand the production of building materials, it is worth considering the possibility of opening a small factory.

Register the enterprise. It is better if it is a limited liability company, when the owners risk only the amount of the authorized capital. Next, get acquainted with the production technology, the necessary norms and GOSTs. The company should include several main divisions:

Production Department;

storage facilities;

auxiliary services;


procurement department of raw materials;

sales department.

The managers of the latter must undergo special training, get acquainted with the brands of the material, its technical characteristics and areas of application. Wholesale of concrete requires some knowledge and skills in the field of construction.

The classic composition of concrete includes several components:



crushed stone;



Before starting work, you need to familiarize yourself with the prices of raw materials, conclude contracts with suppliers, make purchases in the corresponding volume. Cement is the basis of concrete. It performs a astringent fastening function. Sand should have a fraction of no more than 0.5 mm. Ballast consists of gravel and sand. An excellent ratio for concrete mixing 1 to 3, where one part of clean sand and three parts of gravel crumbs are mixed.

The production process will include such stages:

preparation of raw materials;

dosage of concrete mixture;

Mixing process.

Raw materials components should be cleared of impurities and pollution. Next, it is necessary to knead chemical additives in the mixture, grind cement, heat the aggregates. For dosing of concrete components, special dispensers are used that have a minimum percentage of error. The quality of the material directly depends on the correct norms and dosages of raw material components. Cement and aggregates must be thoroughly mixed to make a high -quality homogeneous mixture. To do this, it is advisable to use concrete mixers working on a gravitational principle.