Choosing clinker tiles for coatings

Clinker brick belongs to the modern high -quality finishing material, which has become widespread among buyers who prefer quality and practicality. As a rule, it is used in the decoration of facades of buildings of various purposes. However, ceramic granite is used for flooring.

Initially, the material was made and used in Germany. And only after a while gained spread in other countries. For the production of the clinker, environmental material is used – shale clay. In factory conditions, clay is processed to give strength and beautiful appearance tiles. To obtain a tile of a certain shade, especially if it is a glossy tile, special coloring substances are added to its composition, which allows the consumer to choose the desired color.

This finishing material has a variety of colors that are conditionally divided into several main color types:

– beige

– yellow

– dark

– brick.

Such a division saves consumer time to search for the necessary shade.

Clinker paving slabs is characterized by a variety of texture. It is porous, smooth, with sprinkling, with overflows. The advantages of this material are undeniable. First of all, it has a respectable appearance, thanks to which he is in demand among many owners of country houses. If the floor tile is used correctly, then this positively affects the general design of the suburban site. Also, clinker tiles are characterized by excellent protective properties from the negative effects of natural factors.

The clinker is used for paving, for facing faces, as well as for decorating the internal space of the house. In this case, it protects the surface of the walls and floor from the undesirable influences of moisture and other aggressive media. The clinker has increased resistance to temperature differences and acids. Operational period of clinker tiles long -term. In addition to all these positive qualities, this material does not require special constant care, dirt of any origin is removed with water without the use of aggressive chemicals, which is undoubtedly considered convenient for the owner.

Very simple, but important advice for someone who has decided to buy clinker tiles. This building facing material is important to purchase exclusively from a German manufacturer at specialized retail outlets.