Re -equipment of the change house into an apiary for bees

In the 90s, the “household” performed the functions of a shed, security posts, baths, etc. P. After the arrival of market relations, the purpose of this design has increased significantly, at the moment they even live in them!

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Ideas do not stand still and that is why a block appeared – containers with an apiary. Due to the fact that it is mobile, it becomes possible to move it. This function is important, since the honey collection is reduced over time, plus everything is suitable for cases if bees need to not only collect honey, but also pollinate the plants.

Following the requirements and conditions for the care of bees, restriction on the movement of 50 km. It is advisable to choose metal structures. It is necessary to put hives on the side sides, flyers outside. You can not have hives too tight! The standard width of the hive is 45 – 50 cm, it turns out that it may be approximately 10 hives, if you take into account the standard 7 -meter household, it comes out of this in one design of 20 hives. And do not forget that the bees need help. Since the bees remember the details very well, they will be able to accurately find their houses. To do this, just draw what kind of figure about every 8th.