Furniture in the country

A summer cottage, a classic look, exists mainly in our minds or subconscious, and also in different books and films. Ideal, sometimes romantic, country, calm life with family barbecue, with funny picnics by a quiet river is familiar to everyone. It causes an unbridled sense of emotional nostalgia for carefree, happy and joyful childhood, according to the feeling of a holiday every day.

Create such an atmosphere, believe me, maybe everyone. The main element of the cottage forming this atmosphere, of course, is furniture. Unfortunately, people turn the cottage into a place where unnecessary old things are transported from the apartment. And over time, the cottage becomes (sometimes it happens) similar to the warehouse. You can find a large selection of furniture on the ProductionStulja website.

This cannot be a reason for the disorder, and this is an incentive for creativity. You need to enable imagination to create furniture, sculptures, lamps, lawns and flowerpower made of glass, wood, metal and other materials.

Individuality, uniqueness, originality – these are the qualities of home -made furniture in front of expensive house interior items. You can afford to create an excellent fireplace on the veranda, decorated with drawings, the author of which is the famous artist. Amazing!

But at the same time, no one will stop making a sculpture with your own hands. Near the sculpture, clay gnomes or heavy chest – a dowry spouse may be. Only so that they are connected by an original single idea.

Long -term research experience has shown: un portented furniture remaining in the winter on the street, spoils very quickly. This also applies to furniture from cement, concrete, clay and other rather strong materials. Natural effects worsen their quality. Do not get involved in the creation of large motionless giants.

Mobile furniture can be stored in a barn, pantry or on the veranda. Its movements will allow you to create a cozy corner of cultural recreation for guests at any time of the year. The resting place is chosen mainly in that area of ​​the cottage, where there is a beautiful, pleasant panorama – on the forest, lake, river, mountains, flower meadows. The bench is placed large and roomy so that the guests find a convenient place in the shadow of a large tree or at the spring. Such a bench is made from improvised means. For some owners, the cottages for benches are adapted to PNI, driftwood, wide logs, large boulders, etc. D.

You just have to turn on your imagination and create your own style of design in your dacha.