SNiP – faithful assistant in the arrangement of gas supply

Each construction process should be carried out in accordance with some norms. In our country, they are fixed in SNiP. There are other important acts, for example, GOST, but still, first of all, during construction, you need to focus on the first regulatory document. The situation when the gas supply arises arises is no exception.

SNiP provides those requirements that are presented to the choice of places for laying the gas pipeline, the method of delivering gas to the dwellings, the depth of communications, etc. P. Only on condition that all the rules are met, it will be possible to lay a safe gas pipeline. All these norms can be found in SNiP gas supply and focus on them in the process of performing work.

The rules indicated in SNiP and apply to the arrangement of gas supply are valid not only in the process of installing the entire appropriate equipment. They also concern the procedure for its subsequent operation. Each element of the gas pipeline system obeys a certain set of requirements. Also much attention is paid to the materials used.

For M SNiP regarding gas supply, it is necessary to constantly monitor, since new materials arise, therefore, the rules may also change. For example, today it is allowed to use rubber sleeves when laying the gas pipeline, provided that their resistance to the gas that will pass through them is sufficient.