Serving air cleaners

Any household appliances over time requires replacement of consumables, minor repairs, and simply inspection for defects.

The air purifiers of most manufacturers are quite easy to operate, but sometimes it is necessary to maintain maintenance, which can be done yourself without resorting to paid assistance to a specialist.

Air cleaners sometimes require maintenance of the first cleaning stage. To do this, you need to disconnect the air cleaner from the power supply, disconnect the suction line and the air supply from the filter, remove the panel cover and unscrew the mounting rod. Inertial grille and body can be washed in warm water.

It is not recommended to use various detergents, especially powdered, this can lead to a breakdown of the product. After that, the parts are blown with air and dried. During the reverse assembly, it is necessary to control the normal position of the end covers and the lack of cracks and tears in the gaskets. If they appear, then the gaskets must be replaced. Many air cleaners are equipped with indicators showing the level of filter pollution.

If you do not clean the filter in a timely manner, then the air cleaners will cease to cope with their main task, and they will simply mix contaminated air in the room, and they will do it more noisy. Changing filters is recommended at least once a year, preferably in the autumn time. You can wash it every time during a technical inspection. The filter with various damage on the surface must also be replaced. Almost all novelties of air cleaning equipment are equipped with additional filters that can be replaced independently during operation.