Frame bath construction technology

Wooden baths are divided into baths where a steam room and a sink are combined and baths with a divided steam room and a sink. The first baths are usually inexpensive and compact, and the size and price of the second depends only on the imagination and size of the owner’s wallet.

Under the influence of progress, chopped baths gradually go into the past and they are replaced by baths from timber and baths built using frame technology. Let’s look at what the main differences between them.

Frame baths

Frame baths differ in the speed of construction and do not require time to shrink as a bathhouse from a beam, t. e, you can start its operation immediately after building. For its insulation, any of the most modern heat and waterproofing materials can be used, therefore, a qualitatively erected frame bath will be more economical and warmer than a bathhouse from a bar. Frame technology provides scope for fantasy when creating various architectural forms.

The main advantage of a wooden bathhouse from a beam is that during its construction 100% environmentally friendly building material is used, but the beam requires shrinkage for 1-2 years, in addition, a beam that has a rectangular section can “novel” and it will begin to deform. Therefore, during the construction of a bathhouse from a beam, it is necessary to use a square strict beam, which does not “take away” during shrinkage, construction is best started in winter, since the winter beam gives a faster shrink. Bath partitions should be made from a bar of the same thickness as the walls, since with a smaller beam there is a risk that the bathhouse will noticeably “tell”.

Bath advice

Now a few tips from professionals. When finishing the steam room, it is best to use linden or aspen lining, aspen at high temperature does not emit the resin, and linden has a pleasant smell and healing properties. Now there is a huge selection of metal furnaces for the bath, but still the best steam, it turns out that it “covers” it from the brick furnace softer and lasts longer. In a wooden bath, only “bath” doors are used without glue on wooden “needles”, in order to prevent the junning of the doors, it is necessary to leave the nomer gaps 1.5-2 cm wide. Before using any bath, protopy it 3-4 times.