Mirrors in the interior

Very often speaking about mirrors, we consider only their practical side, and we completely forget about the decorative role. It is worth remembering that the design of the mirrors should be careful and thought out.

For example, if the mirrors are located opposite each other, then a feeling of anxiety may be created. But at the same time, the mirror is an indispensable element that allows you to visually increase the space. The main thing is to remember simple rules so as not to be in the “Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”. If you place the mirror behind your home floral arrangement, then in return you will get a luxurious garden, if you place it among the paintings, it will help to saturate the paints of paintings, but the mirror opposite the floor lamp will make even the most gloomy evening. One of the most suitable rooms for placing mirrors is the bathroom. It is here that the mirrors are original and unusual, and the room acquires a spacious and interesting look.

Another common technique is the creation of mirror ceilings. This is a great solution, in the presence of low ceilings. Also, mirrors can help with smoothing two different textures.

How not to turn, and the mirrors were and will be an indispensable decorative highlight.