We correctly build a greenhouse

Most people who are “tied” to the ground and nature are building greenhouses in their summer cottages. Flower seedlings, vegetables and fruits delight the family for a whole year. In our difficult time, the means of selling home goods in the market will not be superfluous. The profitability of the greenhouse is visible, especially if you also like to grow vegetables.

The first thing that any beginner builder usually encounters is how to choose the right place for her, because the percentage of productivity will depend on this in the future. All day the greenhouse should be lit by the sun. It is also worth taking into account the wind rose so that it is not blown by winds and does not lose thermal qualities. Experienced gardeners advise to build a greenhouse 7 km from residential premises.

In terms of purpose and shape of greenhouses, there are many types of types, each of which has good qualities and disadvantages. The greenhouse can be literally glued to the walls of the house or set away from it. It can also be constant or collapsible for the winter. The roof can be made single -shield, gable or flat. The shape of the roofs is also very different: arched, tent, dome -shaped.

Before you start planning the design, remember that for plants of the same type you will need beds, are located in parallel, and if there are many species of plants, then two or more, since many plants do not get along nearby. A usual example: cucumbers and tomatoes will not grow nearby, since cucumbers will require high humidity, unlike tomatoes. It is necessary to water tomatoes under the root, without falling on the foliage, and cucumbers require drip (rain) watering. Therefore, first, decide on what you will grow in a greenhouse, and you can buy flower seedlings on this site .

Filling the foundation is the basis of any building, including greenhouses. For it, a trench is digging around the perimeter in a width of 30 cm and in a depth of about 40 cm. The formwork is put there and pour concrete. Ruberoid waterproofing is laid on slightly frozen cement. And already put a brick tie on top.

For success in the building, the right choice of materials is important. The frame for the construction can be made of galvanized sheet, in which case it is necessary to fasten their parts with nuts or bolt-samores. Wooden begins with the installation of racks, made from bars. From them, screeds are also built, risers. Before starting work, all wooden parts should be covered with a protective mixture. The overlap is performed from the boards, on top is covered with any glassaterial. The details are attached to each other with self -tapping screws or nails.

If your greenhouse is large, then it is better to divide it into two zones inside. One majority is designed for sowing seedlings, the other for organizing a workplace, there you can place a countertop and shelves for inventory, seeds and other things. It is better to put paths under the slope, sprinkling them with gravel, since from a high level of dampness and water they can become slippery, which can lead to injuries.

Work in a convenient greenhouse will delight you, and the results will force yourself to wait.