Sewer for a summer residence: selection criteria


When organizing sewage systems in the country, first of all, it is worth deciding on its type. So, the hosts can independently build a treatment plant or buy a septic tank in a reliable manufacturer. Choosing the first option, you can save money, but you will have to spend time and effort. When choosing a second option, you need to pay for the purchase of a septic tank and its installation. The second option is more acceptable and popular in our time, because it allows you to organize an effective sewage system on the site, which will not distinguish unpleasant odors and make itself felt through some problems.

After that, you need to decide on the septic tank model, on which its durability, work efficiency and reliability will depend. In the domestic market, Astra sewage is very popular, the installation of which professionals are engaged in the sewage for the cottage with their help will be organized promptly, efficiently and for many years. This company has specialists of various profiles who are well versed in their work, and this, in turn, is a guarantee of high -quality sewage installation. Of course, to whom to contact for help – to solve only the owners, but do not lose sight of these specialists.

When choosing a septic tank for a summer residence, you should pay attention to some important points:

Production material

Currently, plastic septic tanks that have light weight are most popular among consumers, due to which they are easy to deliver and installation. In addition, plastic is a material that is not afraid of rust and corrosion.

The design of the septic tank

When choosing a septic tank, pay attention to its design. Also ask the seller to submit documents confirming his quality and compliance with the requirements of GOST. It is equally important that the septic tank has compact dimensions, because in this case, for its installation, it does not have to allocate a large area on the land plot. Find out if the seller or manufacturer provides a guarantee for the absence of unpleasant odors during operation.


In order to correctly calculate the necessary sizes and volume of septic strokes processed, you need to find out the daily norm of the water used. So, about 200 liters of water per day falls per person per person. If 4 people live in the house, then the daily norm will turn out 800 liters. This number must be multiplied by another 3, as a result you get the necessary volume of the septic tank, that is, 2400 liters.