How to drill a tile in a bathroom or toilet

It is necessary to drill holes in the tiles very carefully, while it is desirable to use special equipment. The quality of the holes depends on the quality of the laying of the coating. If the tile is laid with high quality, then the glue base is located over the entire area of ​​the tile, and has no voids. Otherwise, when drilling, the tile may crack or even split. Recently, a very popular septic tank is the price of it is not very high.

I advise some masters before starting the process to make a mark on the tile with a core. Experience suggests that this is not desirable to do this for several reasons. Firstly, if you are not sure of the quality of the coating, and then there may be a void in the place of the hole, which will continue to cause the destruction of the material and entail its replacement.

The choice of tool for drilling is completely dependent on which diameter holes must be made. Small holes can be made using the perforator. To do this, you need to purchase a drill of the desired diameter. In this way, holes with a maximum diameter of 20 mm are made. For larger holes, there is a tubular drill with a diamond crown, which allows you to drill holes up to 150 mm.