How to clean the ceiling from whitewashing?

The modern construction market is slowly displacing traditional materials such as lime. Despite the fact that whitewashing is the cheapest tool for finishing the ceiling, but now modern and more convenient to install and use materials are selected. If there is the need to grind and level the old ceiling, for example, for subsequent coloring or pasting with wallpaper, you have to face the problem of removing the lime layer. This is a fairly laborious and “dirty” process, so you should know how to clean the ceiling from whitewashing quickly and correctly.

So how to clean the surface of the ceiling from the old whitewash? First, the ceiling is well moistened with warm water, this can be done from a spray gun, or a roller or a wide brush. When the swell is saturated with moisture, it is removed with a wide steel spatula. You need to clean the embelled carefully, without pressing a lot on the scraper. Otherwise, you can damage the surface by leaving traces or scratches from the instrument, which in the future will have to putty. Homemade craftsmen propose to reduce the amount of garbage, which is inevitable in the course of such work as follows: it is necessary to attach a flat container to the spatula so that the remnants of the cleaned whitewash fall into the tray.

However, no matter how carefully you work, mud will not be able to avoid dirt. Therefore, before cleaning the ceiling from whitewashing, covering the floor with polyethylene or paper – in the future it will be easier for you to restore order in the room. That which cannot be cleaned, it will be possible to remove with a wet sponge or rag. In this case, it is more convenient to use a large sponge.

It makes no sense to wet the entire ceiling, because the water dries quickly and so that you do not have to do this work again, it is better to moisten the surface and remove the embarrass. Whitewashing is considered removed when the ceiling is not getting dirty. Do not forget about safety precautions. In order to avoid shorts, for the duration of work on cleaning the ceiling, electric wiring in the room where the repair is carried out, must be disconnected. In addition, take care of protecting the eyes: small particles of whitewashing and dust can cause injury. Put on a headdress, it will not be superfluous to use rubber gloves.

Sometimes it happens that for subsequent finishing work, for example, pasting with tiles, it is not necessary to thoroughly rinse the whitewashing. To adapt the upper coating layer, it is enough to use a primer, with which a porous or fragile base is strengthened. Now you know how to remove whitewashing from the ceiling, so you can safely start repairing the ceiling.