Wood processing technology

The very first craft that a person was possessed is most likely to process a tree. Such conclusions were drawn by a group of scientists from the University of Tokyo Japanese and British scientists from Great Britain. It’s not at all to be surprised at this fact, because wood is a strong, beautiful and at the same time plastic material of natural origin, products from which people have been enjoying great love for several centuries for several centuries. The carpentry case originally appeared, and then the carpentry processing. And these professions (Plotnitskoye and the carpentry) are still alive, which emphasizes the important role of a tree in human life. The latter allows you to create carved surfaces or rather accurate details. This is possible thanks to the use of a large number of various tools. Only a beautiful master can make real works of art from ordinary pieces of wood.

One of the main directions in the processing of this material is wood carving, which allows you to decorate the facades of houses, interior items and even iconostases. It is the carved elements with which people ennoble their homes that significantly determine the features of the architectural style of some eras. But today the thread is incredibly popular. It can be flat -reliable or bas -relief. The second type has many technologies. One of them is a thread with a low relief, the other is a high -relief thread that allows you to get volumetric patterns on wooden details or on furniture items.