Sewer systems from PVC pipes

PVC-U non-plasticized PVC PVC pipes have a special light brown or beige color. A feature of these pipes is the use of a special seal (sealant), which consists of two parts, is installed automatically during production, provides complete tightness, durability of the system and reduces the installation time of the pipes. The advantages of the PVC plastic sewer system: firstly, very high quality pipes and fittings, secondly, the installation requires about two times less work (compared to conventional seals). Thirdly, the installation itself is absolutely flawless (pipes thanks to special nests in the seal are perfectly fastened with each other). The so -called FoolProof “Protection from the Fool” is guaranteed. Fourthly, one hundred percent tightness of the seal is much higher than traditional solutions for conventional sewer pipes. Fifthly, there is no need to remove defective connections, while violating the entire sewer system. Thus, PVC sewer systems are reliability, effective installation and insanity of the sewer system of your home.