Installation of thin -stage facade systems

Progress does not stand still. In construction, the use of modern technologies is a necessity. An important point in the conditions of the harsh climate of Russia is the insulation of the facade.

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Along with ensuring a good heating system, internal thermal insulation, external thermal insulation with a thin layer of plaster is very popular. This type of insulation is widely used in Western Europe. In Russia, this type of insulation has begun to be used recently. But this insulation is ideal for the climate of Russia. The use of thin -stove systems allows you to implement many architectural solutions. This system can be used not only on new buildings, but also in designs having a centuries -old history. But the quality of such insulation directly depends on the quality of installation.

Use different methods of applying this thermal insulation material. Reliable fixation of the plates can be provided with adhesive method. It is important to use only compatible materials when warming facades. Otherwise, the necessary thermal insulation cannot be obtained. In addition, it is important that only real professionals carry out the insulation of the facade.