Mineral basalt slabs in the insulation of the facade

The insulation of the facade of the house is an integral part when decorating it. After all, if you competently approach this process, then in the future inside the building will always be warm and comfortable.

These plates are made of natural mountain material called basalt. It is environmentally friendly and can be used both in the interior decoration of the room, and in the external. Also, slabs from this material provide excellent sound insulation and hold heat well. Recently, they often buy goods on the website of the Vital online store.

To install insulation from basalt, you must first build a frame with complete insulation of the joints of the joints. The front side of the plates must be closed with a special geotextile. Mineral wool from basalt has good ventilation, one hundred will allow the structure in the literal sense of the word to breathe. Also, this insulation has good resistance to temperature changes and does not change its composition. Another important advantage is that mineral wool does not contain various impurities of harmful resins and is absolutely safe for human health.

It is necessary to insulate any structure thoroughly and it is not worth saving on this.