How to remove white whitewashing?

If you are pretty tired of whitewashing, I wanted to update my ceiling with modern trim, requiring the removal of the whitewash layer, the whitewashing can be removed. But you need to know how to remove whitewashing from the ceiling correctly. Removing whitewashing, always dirty, bringing a lot of inconvenience associated with dust and dirt in the room, the use of water. And if you still recall the preparation of the ceiling for painting, and the process itself, then it is a pity to remove the whitewashing from the ceiling. Do not forget that you have learned not long ago, how to whiten the ceiling with a roller. There are many ways to remove the old whitewash from time to time.

The first way to remove whitewashing from the ceiling is to wash off the whitewash with water. Square the area of ​​the room with a polyethylene film or newspapers, unnecessary paper, cardboard. A large layer of whitewashing, before washing, you need to thoroughly soak so that it is pissing and succumbs to the effects of water. You can moisten the surface with a spray gun, using a glass nozzle.

The ceiling should be divided into areas, damp each site alternately. The site after wetting and impregnation must be cleaned with a metal hard spatula. The whitewash will easily lag behind the ceiling, and fall on the covered floor. If you do not want the whitewashing to fly high, you can substitute an old tray or a piece of plywood. The remains of the whitewashing, its traces should be washed off with a foam sponge.

The second way to remove whitewashing from the ceiling is using a steel spatula and a painting roller. Thin layers of whitewashing are removed in this way. The roller soaks the white layer, and the spatula removes it. With this method, whitewashing is removed at a time.

The third way to remove whitewashing from the ceiling is using an iron scraper. The scraper connects to the box, with its inner edge, this makes it possible to settle in the box removed. Some masters in the bottom of the box make a hole and attach a garbage bag, this makes it possible for a long time to work on the ceiling surface.

The scraper is pressed to the surface of the ceiling, removes whitewashing without smearing with water, collecting it in the box. The method is painstaking, requiring maximum effort. We apply to the ceilings of small areas.

The fourth method is using a vacuum cleaner with a metal scrap, which is dressed on the hose. In this way, you can not only remove, but also update the whitewash layer if you want to leave it.

The fifth way to remove the whitewashing from the ceiling is using a clayer. Clester is applied to the entire surface of the ceiling. Having withstand the required time so that the paste is completely dry, we remove the whitewashing using an iron brush or a metal scrap.

In general, when removing whitewashing, people experiment in different ways, some remove the whitewashing dry with a spatula, the matter is not easy, takes a lot of time, after this method, hands are pretty painful. They use grinding machines that fail very quickly, whitewashing settles not only on them, but also in the middle of the design of the machine.

Connect two ways how to remove the whitewashing from the ceiling, first they wet and remove with a spatula, then apply a cluster, turning the remains of whitewashing into a monolith, and then remove. In order not to take a person to remove whitewashing, before the construction of new modern ceilings, whitewashing must be removed.