How to find a good construction and repair brigade

Constantly the choice of a working brigade should begin to conduct a mini-consumption in the middle of acquaintances or relatives, which have not been so long-so engaged in the questions of the capital repair.

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Perhaps some of them will leave you contacts of a good brigade, and will also tell you about all the disadvantages and pluses of work in advance. But what to do if the advisers did not find?

1. In the first priority, it is worth making sure that the workers, what repair will live in the apartment, have an advantage for this, and the company that provides the brigade for you is all the necessary licenses. Without this, it is impossible to allow the brigade for purchased building materials elementary, you risk “monitoring” the wallpaper and the Italian tile falling from the walls after the end of the walls, which was carried out without observance, which was carried out without observing technology. But no one will change the work, and to compensate for the harm also.

2. Without fail, sign a contract for the repair of apartments with workers – in another case, you cannot submit claims to them in case of the origin of the troubles. The persuasion also indicates the warranty period for the services provided. Carefully read all the clauses of the contract – this is your security for the future, and rest now.