Ceramic tiles on the wall

Ceramic tiles are the most practical and aesthetic material for interior wall decoration. Masonry technology is a very painstaking work.

Start with the preparation of the wall. The base must have a flat surface. If the wall is smooth, then you should attach the construction mounting mesh using dowels. For walls with a rough base (brick, non -proper plaster), the mesh is not required. Finefloor tiles can be read at the exiled link.

The fastening material between the tiles and the wall is a cement mortar, or ideally special tile glue. On the back of the tiles, a layer of a solution of 5cm with the largest cluster in the center is applied. After that, having attached the tile to the wall, it is necessary to lightly launch it with a rubber clay (if there is no one, a wooden bar and a hammer, or a warden handle) is suitable for it). It is necessary that the solution is completely in contact between the wall and the tile. Tiles are carried out, in rows from the bottom up, checking each tile with the construction level. A clove, or plastic gaskets in the form of crosses are installed between the tiles, at the joints, which are removed after solidifying the solution.

If you need to cut the tiles, a special tile cutter is good, for lack of one, use diamond glass cutter. After the tile is laid out and the solution is dry, you need to thoroughly wipe the seams with a tile grout.

It should be remembered that the more expensive the tiles, the easier it is to put it, since it will not have the shape of a propeller. In addition, expensive tiles look much more beautiful and longer.