Multisonal air conditioners (VRV and VRF)

In multi -zone air conditioners (multi -spell systems), one external unit and several internal. The configuration of each internal unit is individual and is made depending on which temperature parameters must be achieved in a specific room. Installation of a multi -season air conditioner is justified in office, retail premises, large private houses.

The main advantage of the multisonal air conditioner is that the regulation of the microclimate in the premises provides only one external unit. It is much more profitable to purchase one multisplit than buy several traditional units of equipment. The internal blocks of multi -zone air conditioners can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or floor – each in their room. Other “pluses” of the multicosplite:

the ability to maintain the architectural style of the building as much as possible (due to a decrease in the number of external blocks);

thin climate adjustment in the building (which is especially important if different requirements for air are presented to individual rooms);

large areas air conditioning;

accurate maintenance of a given temperature, t. To. Each internal unit is equipped with its heat regulatory valve, which regulates the volume of incoming refrigerant (in VRF systems);

In VRV air conditioning systems, all internal blocks function autonomously.