What apartment repair in Moscow to prefer

All about repair

If you decide to repair in the apartment, then first you should decide which repair is suitable for you. It can be divided into three types:

– cosmetic;

– capital;

– renovation.

Each of these types has some features, advantages and disadvantages. Currently, cosmetic repairs of apartments in Moscow are very popular, which allows you to turn the old apartment into a beautiful, cozy and clean housing for a relatively low amount. When choosing this type of repair, you can save money and not spend much. It involves the use of inexpensive finishing materials and carrying out simple repair work. As a rule, during cosmetic repairs, wallpaper on the walls is re -packed or the surface of the walls is painted, parquet is polished or linoleum is replaced. If necessary, the wiring is replaced in the apartment. That is, such repair of apartments in Moscow is quite possible to carry out inexpensively.

A major repairs are considered no less popular and in demand, which involves the implementation of a number of complex stages of work. So, in this case, it is necessary to carry out dismantling work, which take a lot of time and money. Often, owners of apartments who decided to make a major overhaul, want to redevelop in the premises. In this case, laser cutting for cutting concrete and walls from other materials can be used. There is also a complete replacement of the wiring, the walls, ceilings and floors are finished with expensive materials. If necessary, new windows and doors, plumbing and electrical devices are placed. This is an expensive type of repair in which modern technologies and high -quality materials are used. They are the key to reliability and quality of repair.

Renovation of apartments in Moscow is one of the most expensive. It involves the creation of an exclusive design project, the use of modern high -quality materials and technologies. If you order just such a repair, you can get exclusive housing that will emphasize your status and good position in society. Often such repairs are made with the aim of subsequently renting an apartment. It’s no secret that apartments with a gorgeous repair are expensive.

Now you know what types of apartments are in Moscow, and you can choose the right option for yourself.