Coastaling during the construction of business objects

Construction on the banks of the river or lake attracts businessmen. Of course, the beautiful view from the window is great for hotel complexes and sanatoriums and will help attract many customers. The view of the water surface is perfect for opening a business such as a cosmetic interior or clinic – any procedure, for example, tightening the face of the face or hair transplant, will be transferred to patients easier in conditions of closeness of nature.

If the construction site is located on the shore of the reservoir, sooner or later the question will arise about strengthening the coastal slopes. Under the influence of the constant current, the shores are packed, which threatens the collapses of soil and buildings. But not only the banks of the rivers need to strengthen. Under the influence of soil currents, the water level fluctuates in ponds, especially in the flood periods of the year, which also affects buildings near water.

It is impossible to strengthen the shore on their own, propping it from the boards and remaining from construction with reinforcement. Of course, for some very short period of this will be enough. But remember the saying: “Water sharpens the stone”. Without special skills and knowledge, it is impossible to carry out coastalization reliably and for a long time.

Strengthening coasts is a set of measures to protect buildings near the coastline. Various materials are used for this. Piles of wood persistent to moisture are often used, such as oak, larch or cedar. The piles are reinforced with a metal or plastic spoon, and then concrete. The choice of the method of coastalization depends on the composition of the soil, the temperature amplitude of the region, the type of reservoir and much more. Do not forget about aesthetic form, because any business object must meet the requirements of beauty. Whatever business you conceived, even if it is a medical center where laser liposuction is carried out, the businessman is obliged to take care of the safety of his customers on the construction phase of the facility.