How to install flexible tiles?

In terms of its properties and technical characteristics, a soft roof made of flexible tiles is not inferior to roofs from ceramic or steel tiles, the cost of which is a higher. Perhaps that is why many modern people who have decided to build their “nest” decide to use a soft roof. She has many advantages that made her popular. So, even a non -professional installation of flexible tiles can be carried out, while the whole process takes a little time. It can be produced in two different ways. So, if the inside of the flexible tiles is adhesive, then it simply sticks to the base of the roof. If there is no such base, then it is nailed with nails. But the installation of flexible tiles has some features that we will consider in more detail in our article.

First of all, it should be noted that the installation of a soft roof is carried out on a perfectly even and dry base. As a rule, for this purpose, moisture -resistant plywood or wooden boards is used. The second important rule – the air temperature at the time of installation of flexible tiles should not be lower than +6 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is lower, then the tiles are installed using a tool for heating. However, this process can harm flexible tiles, so it’s better not to take risks. And vice versa, if the installation of roofing material is carried out in hot summer, then it must be stored in the shade so that the tile does not overheat.

If the installation of flexible tiles will be carried out by specialists, then their work should be controlled. As they say, trust, but check. It is also worth checking how carefully and correctly they will warm the roof. So, different materials are used for its insulation, but most often it is mineral or basalt wool that have lightweight and do not take up much space. Roof insulation is of great importance, since it is it that protects the house from cold, wind and precipitation. Therefore, trust this business to professionals with experience.

Do not worry about the appearance of a flexible tile, because it looks very beautiful, stylish and fashionable. The color scheme in which this roofing material is produced is very wide and large, so you can easily choose the right color of the roof for yourself. Polymer coating wears not only a decorative function, but also a protective. It protects the material from negative impact, extends its service life.

Thus, the installation of flexible tiles is a simple and pleasant event that does not take much time, and the material itself is a modern, high -quality and beautiful roofing.