What are waterproofing materials

As you know, only proper waterproofing will eliminate high humidity in the room. Much depends on the waterproofing material, to choose which is not so simple.

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The fact is that the composition of such materials determined their diversity. For example, the composition of polymer waterproofing materials includes a variety of resins and plasticizers, as well as various additives. As for the starting material, resins, it usually uses polyurethane or acrylic resins.

Another thing is mineral materials, the basis of which is the astringent, as a rule, they are cement, and hydrophobisators. Of course, there are a variety of fillers.

These materials are distinguished by increased water resistance, which is provided by hydrophobic substances that do not allow the absorption of capillary moisture. The initial material for such waterproofing is plaster or concrete.

A separate group of waterproofing materials form polymer-cement materials consisting of cement-sand mixtures and polymers. They may also include micro -fiber, through which voluminous reinforcement of the waterproofing layer is achieved.