How to choose a chimney for a home or cottage?

Many people today are seriously thinking about buying or building a country house or even a cottage that would have been distinguished by increased comfort and comfort. One of the advantages of own home is the possibility of installing a fireplace, which creates additional comfort, and serves as a full -fledged element of heating the house in the winter period. During the construction or installation of the fireplace, you need to seriously approach the choice of a chimney. Today, one of the leading manufacturers of these elements is the company Shidel.

Chimney selection tips

Experts and designers believe that in the current conditions the installation of a fireplace is not such a difficult task, despite many stereotypes of people. Moreover, the fireplace is able to seriously transform any room even without additional decor or design repair. And so that it serves for a long time and effectively, you need to seriously approach the installation of the chimney. Experts recommend paying attention to the following aspects, choosing chimneys:

The main material of manufacture, on which stability before corrosion and pollution depends: a ceramic coating is considered the best option;

type of chimney, which can be single -bed and two -way, equipped with or without channel ventilation;

compliance with fire safety standards, which should be optimal within the framework of certificates and classifications of the European level of class F90/L90.

Experts recommend seriously approaching the chimney, as this investment fully pays for itself due to the comfort that it brings to the family hearth. With high -quality components, the fireplace will last not only for a long time, but also high -quality, warming the whole house in the most severe winters.