how to fill a cement screed in an apartment

We are preparing to work for the preparation of the solution, you will need well -sown sand, and strict observance of the proportion of sand with cement (5 parts of sand to 1 part of cement)

How to make a cement screed correctly?

Lighthouses on the floor are installed depending on the length of your rule. If the rule has a meter of length, then the beacons must be placed after 90 cm. As lighthouses, you can put profiles for drywall structures. They do not bend under the weight of the rule.

How to install beacons?

The beacons must be attached along the walls and the solution is thrown in the same way, pressing the profiles into it. After the extreme lighthouses are frozen, then between them you pull 3-4 threads (it all depends on the length of the room), install intermediate beacons to slightly touched the threads.

Pour the solution

It is necessary to knead the solution and pour the screed. The solution is poured and aligned with the rules, the edges of which are based on both lighthouses. Pull the solution on yourself, moving the rules to the right, right. And so we do to the end of the entire filling of your gender. Only the following instructions your gender will be as if a professional himself did it. Successful filling your sex!