Property lining and application

A wooden lining is mainly used for interior decoration: leveling and decoration of walls and ceilings. This is a decorative overlain board, which is made from a wide variety of wood varieties. As a rule, whole wood is used. Most often, coniferous trees (pine, larch, spruce) and solid trees (oak, linden, alder) are used. Varieties of wood are selected depending on the purpose of using the lining. Coniferous rocks are well suited for external use, and deciduous for interior decoration. This lumber got its name, thanks to the use of wooden racks for lining railway cars. Hence the name – lining.

In addition to its decorative qualities and environmental cleanliness, this finishing material has a unique ability to regulate humidity in the room. This property of the lining is due to the fact that with increased humidity, the board absorbs its excess, and in a dry room – gives out, which helps to maintain a favorable atmosphere in the room. The lining is easily mounted, durable, has high heat and sound insulation.

In the manufacture of the lining, the process of drying the wood is of great importance. With insufficient drying, the boards are twisted, so the most effective drying method is the use of special vacuum-pulse chambers. In them, the drying process occurs evenly, which helps to obtain high -quality lumber. The maximum humidity of the lining should not exceed 12%. Finished material is necessarily sorted.

Depending on the profile, two types of lining are distinguished – ordinary and “Euro”. The Euroralian is made of wood of exceptionally high quality in compliance with the necessary European production standards according to the generally accepted German standard DIN 68126. A prerequisite for quality material is the absence of knots and any other defects. There are special grooves on the back of the European Union, which serve to withdraw excess moisture – condensate. In the modern building materials market, such types of lining as “Landhau”, “Softline”, “American”, “Blochaus” are widely used. The Eurolovka is successfully used not only for the internal but external decoration of buildings, loggias, saunas, cottages and cottages.

Despite the fact that in recent years, more modern finishing materials have been increasingly used, for people who value the real quality of natural material, they prefer a wooden lining.